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    Pico Center Table

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    This Pico center table features a design that’s minimal and classy. It derives style from an elegant finish and smoothened form. Load it up with f...

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Grace your Interiors with Vibrant Center Tables from Furlenco

Why is the center table such a big deal? What is the purpose it serves? Why is it an essential piece of home furniture? All the questions point to one answer -  it is what brings the living room together. It creates balance and aligns different items in the room creating a center of gravity for the room. The center table does more than it gets credit for.

At Furlenco, we understand this and design sensible center tables for your living room. Our living room range comprises a variety of center table options that can be paired with classic and modern furniture to design elegant living spaces. They can be used for anything from serving high tea to holding your newspapers and magazines. Every center table is engineered to refine the layout of the room, with the element of hosting fitted in perfectly.

Center tables deserve careful thought on the part of the buyer. The staple checklist of shape, size, and material is only superseded by how well it blends with the other furniture in the room. Quite simply, they are the center of attention. So here we put down some of our ideas on how to go about buying the right center table online.

Quick Guide to Buying Your center Table Online:

  • Size is Everything: A center table, as much as it takes the spotlight, must not steal from the rest of the room. The job of this table is to bring the room together in a subtle yet striking manner. So, a center table for your sofa set must be of a moderate size table with clean edges. If you are going for a statement look, ensure there is sufficient space around the table to enhance its appearance and match it with simple furniture for wholesome interiors. 
  • The shape of the Room: The shape of the room is critical when planning a center table. It is fairly easier to design and select a center table for a living room that is a traditional square or rectangle in shape. The more complex rooms like the L-shaped living rooms, circular rooms, and living cum dining rooms are slightly more complex. Nonetheless, they can be decorated with designer center tables that only add to the charm of the space.
  • What will it be used for? Now, this is an integral question. Do you plan to use it to keep newspapers or do you intend to serve snacks? Do you want to decorate it with a vase or make it a useful space to hold a tray for keys? Answering this question will help you purchase just the right center table or coffee table as it will help you identify the size and material that would be suitable for your usage patterns.
  • Mind making a statement? Another special quality of a center table is that it is the easiest way to make a style statement with your living room design. Curate a table with history, and abstract and symbolic designs to create a sense of visual distinction. Something that makes your home memorable with just a single piece of furniture. 
  • What is your living room furniture like? The center table has to complement the other furniture in the room, as is the thumb rule for any piece of furniture. While wooden tables usually go with all kinds of furniture, you can create a more pleasing design with the right pairings. Cane, glass-top, marble-top, fiber, ottomans the options are many. You can match your table with your furniture by color or finish and complete your room.

  • How to buy the perfect center table online?

    Frulenco’s approach to center tables is defined by style and utility. Designed to suit the urban and modern home aesthetic, every center table is versatile and compact making it the elegant fix for different kinds of living rooms. Buying a center table can be a rather confusing task, as there are many ways it can go, and there’s no wrong answer. So here are a few ideas on how to shop for the best center table for your home:

  • Square Table:  The square table is an evergreen style as it can be used even as it is functional and offers symmetry to the living room. As a sofa side table, the Pico Center Table is the classic option. Apart from being the perfect size for a small to midsize living room, the color is soothing and blends well with a range of wall shades. It can also be used as a side table when needed. 

  • Low center Table: Low center tables are a great option to instantly amplify the style quotient of your living room. They differentiate the center of the room subtly and draw attention to it. The Pico center Table is a fabulous coffee table for a living room. The design allows you to experiment with decor. It is also convenient in terms of access when you serve beverages and snacks at the table.

    • Table with Storage: A center table with storage, crafted with elegance can become the talk-point of your living room. The Floyd Coffee Table does just that. The asymmetric design with metal and wooden elements creates a unique look. And the ample storage facility makes it super functional, contributing to helping you organize your living room better. Sofa side tables like these are a must-have in homes, where members subscribe to multiple newspapers and magazines. Along with ease of access, they also help create a certain ambiance.

    • Glass Top Table: Glass top tables are another classic option that works as a side table. They require a tad more intense maintenance as they are more reflective of dust and stains. Also, being breakable, glass must be handled with care. Glass top table looks great in all shapes, but we save a special place for the round, oval and round-edged tables. Not only are they visually gratifying, but also safety compliant.

  • Abstract Tables and Statement Tables: As we discussed before, a center table can bring the room together. Designer center tables and statement pieces with symbolic designs and abstract shapes can create a sense of opulence and luxury. Tables with creative legs inspired by nature for eg. animals, plants, etc.; tables with a stained glass top, and tables finished with marble or ivory - are some of the more elegant center table options that create a distinct look.

  • Center cum Dining Table: A multi-purpose furniture is always a great option. They save space without compromising on utility. The Takino 4-Seater Coffee Table Set is not just a table, but a lifestyle option. The Japanese-inspired low seating style is great for young adults who enjoy experimenting with design. And if you enjoy hosting, this is the best way to impress your guests!

  • Investing in a center table must be a well-informed and well-thought decision. Some key aspects to keep in mind are:

    Does it align with the design of your living room?

    As much as the center table becomes the center of attention, it must not steal from the rest of the room. This can, in fact, become anticlimactic and put a spoiler on the entire room. So when confused, and wanting to play safe, always choose clean shapes and surfaces that go with the color of your furniture and are easy to maintain. If you feel experimental, we recommend you try and finalize the center table first and then match the furniture around it. This way you can avoid over-embellishing or loud aesthetics in your home.

    What is the main purpose of your center table?

    Although it can be used to fulfill multiple purposes, it is important to determine the primary functions of the center table in order to zero in on the right one. If the main purpose is for books and newspapers, we recommend a wooden table as the neutral colors of wood create a complementing appeal. If it is intended to serve as a coffee/tea and snacks table, invest in a heat-resistant glass or fiber table for long-term usage.

    You must remember, that a center table is a highly versatile piece of furniture. It can use as part of home decor to keep vases, succulents, and aromatic candles. You can lay colorful sheets and jute mats on it to enhance and complement the sofas and curtains. Matching your center table with your sofa set is a fun way to unleash your creativity and add oomph to your living room without any heavy investment. So keep experimenting and you can liven up your living room every day