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Study Table



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    Lana Study Table

    ₹ 9,999 40% ₹ 5,999

    Overview The Lana Study Table, in its sublime construction, is a complete study room in itself. With two floating shelves, a whiteboard, and ample...

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    Nauka Study Table

    ₹ 10,999 27% ₹ 7,999

    OverviewThe Nauka Study Table has a unique design that frames your table at the back making a spacious bay area for your work. The expansive design...

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    Lusido Study Table

    ₹ 14,999 26% ₹ 10,999

    Buy the Lusido Study Table for an effortless workspace to clear up and organize. *This package does not include a chair.

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    Vitello Study Table

    ₹ 14,999 20% ₹ 11,999

    OverviewThe Vitello Study Table is a modern take on the traditional study table. Built with Acacia wood, the elegant table offers abundant surface...

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Work Hard, Smart and Suave with Furlenco’s Study Tables and Workstations Range

Study tables and workstations are spaces for lucid thinking, creativity and focus. With online schooling and work from home has become the norm of the day, study tables and workstations have become essential furniture for any home. Investing in a piece of furniture for this purpose, is perhaps, an investment in productivity and comfort. 

If you want to buy a study table, Furlenco study tables are distinctly designed to offer ideal seating positions and are compact in size. The range consists of tables specifically designed for children and adolescents for their daily study time. These tables have been designed to help them organise their homework, assignments and exam preparations better. Similarly, these tables work perfectly well for adults to use as their work stations in their home office. The range also includes flexible options that allow you to bring your work to any room in the house.

When selecting a study table online or workstation for your home, plan your purchase based on the nature of work, the amount of work and the estimated time you would spend at the table. This will give you an idea of the storage needs and the surface area requirements with respect to the table. 

Quick Guide to Buying a Study Table Online

    • Who is it for? Before you buy a study table, gauge the needs of the household. Clarity on who will be the predominant user of the table is a  very important question. This will determine the size, height and aesthetic of the table. Considering how it has to be a space for productivity and creativity, and where one can concentrate, but has to align with their sensibilities. 
    • Where will it be stationed? Identify the space of the house in which the workspace will be created. This will help you buy a study table online, based on the available floor space in the room. You can ascertain the storage needs and invest in a study table with drawers that can align with the rest of the room. A study table with storage not only speaks to the aesthetic but also contributed to making it a wholesome user experience.
    • What is the nature of the Work it will Host? Today, literally any type of intellectual and creative work can be performed remotely, and hence work from home has become common. The best way to make work from home comfortable while maintaining the quality of work is by recreating a work atmosphere that is most suitable for your profession. Before selecting a table, plan your workday needs. Do you need a laptop-friendly study table or a one or two-screen desktop system? Do you need to have any gadgets or instruments on your table? Do you need space to store research material and books on your table? Do you need to accommodate multiple pen stands and stationery? This will help you buy the right workstation or study table with a chair that will make your study/work more convenient and comfortable.
  • Do you Need Storage Solutions? Storage is an important part of your study table. It is wise to store all your work/study-related books and electronics inside or on your table. While it's for your convenience, a study table with drawers also contributes to keeping your home more organised. Assess your storage requirements beforehand and ensure you have a smooth flowing study/ work from home experience.
    • Movement and Mobility: With study tables, one of the most exciting innovations have been multipurpose tables in the form of folding tables and utility tables. These tables are super space savers and can be easily carried around. They can even be taken anywhere outside the house, where you may intend to work/study, They are light, and can be transported easily,

    How to buy the right study table online?

    As with any other price of home furniture, the study table too comes with its own special features that need to be looked into before investing in one. Some of the specific features to consider involve ensuring your physical fitness and mental alertness during your usage, as you are inclined towards spending long hours, and sometimes, even those strenuous hours with them. Read about some of our favourite tables among the variety of options at Furlenco.

    • Classic Table: The Vitello Study Table is a classic design with brown wooden construction. The wooden study table is ideal to be placed in the bedroom or a designated office room in the house. It has one small and one large open storage chamber. The table is best suited for students and young professionals. It is light and can be easily moved to different rooms as you may need. 

    • Adjustable Table: The Rise-Height Adjustable Table is the best solution for a home that has many users. With its light, sleek construction, and wheels at the base, this too can be moved easily in the house. The height adjustment option makes it convenient for everyone in the house, from children to adults to use it for their respective work. For this fitness conscious folk, who want to monitor their activity level and improve their concentration, it can serve as a standing desk. It comfortably fits a laptop and makes for a feasible as well as a sensible investment.

  • Table with Open Storage: This kind of table with storage options offers enough space to accommodate a couple of books, a notepad, a pen stand, etc. The Nauka Study Table has a clean design, and occupies minimum space yet offers maximum utility. The wooden study table is pleasing to the eye and adds a delicate charm to your workspace and organises all your requirements in a neat manner.

  • Large Workstation: A large workstation is best suited for home offices that have more than one member using the table. The Lana Workstation is built with a wooden top and metal, which makes it affordable. The sturdy design accommodates two to three individuals’ laptops and other work essentials. This is best suited for startups that work from home or in the case of teams that need to work in collaboration.

  • Office Chair: The chair is usually the most ignored part of a home workstation. However, it is the most important part. A bad chair can not only spoil your workflow but also affect your posture and lead to long-term health issues. Investing in a study table with a chair is, therefore, important. The Cruxe Office Chair is our favourite. It can be adjusted for height and offers ergonomic support. 

  • Some more basic factors to keep in mind when buying a study table:

    What is the size of the table you need?

    It is very easy to buy a study table, but the wrong size can be a real disaster. Not only will it fail in fulfilling its purpose, but it will also affect the overall design of the house if it is too big or too small. Audit your needs and the space available in the house and invest in a table such that it aligns with your requirements. If you are keen on small tables and saving space, mobile and utility tables are the way to go. On the other hand, if you have a dedicated room or personal space for work/study, invest in a table that can accommodate all your electronics, stationery, and perhaps some quirks like a plant or coffee mug even.

    What is your budget?

    A study table is a personal space and thereby usually a personal investment. With Furlenco’s range, you can choose from a variety of high-functioning options that are light on the pocket, and low on maintenance. A budget-friendly wooden study table is, no doubt, an evergreen choice for your home. However, modern designs of study tables for laptops are worth their penny. 

    One cannot emphasise enough that your space of craft and passion, must be filled with the right energy and comfort. This is where you will spend gaining knowledge, honing your skill,  defining your future, career path, and everything else that actually matters to you. Buy a study table that fulfils your soul. And once you have it, the secret trick is to make it your own with personal style and trinkets!