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    Cruxe Office/Study Chair

    ₹ 9,999 35% ₹ 6,499

    OverviewThe Cruxe Chair is an office room essential that every home needs. The ergonomic design and wheels at the bottom are just what you need for...

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    Lana Study Table

    ₹ 9,999 40% ₹ 5,999

    Overview The Lana Study Table, in its sublime construction, is a complete study room in itself. With two floating shelves, a whiteboard, and ample...

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    Nauka Study Table

    ₹ 10,999 27% ₹ 7,999

    OverviewThe Nauka Study Table has a unique design that frames your table at the back making a spacious bay area for your work. The expansive design...

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    Lusido Study Table

    ₹ 14,999 26% ₹ 10,999

    Buy the Lusido Study Table for an effortless workspace to clear up and organize. *This package does not include a chair.

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    Vitello Study Table

    ₹ 14,999 20% ₹ 11,999

    OverviewThe Vitello Study Table is a modern take on the traditional study table. Built with Acacia wood, the elegant table offers abundant surface...

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Channelise your Genius with the Right Study Table from Furlenco

A study room has probably been described as the most glorious nook in the house. Filled with books, stationery and other implements that channelise creativity and productivity, it could be deemed the power center of the house. The design of the humble study room has come a long way. 

From large desks of the Victorian era to the flexible furniture of the laptop era, home offices and study rooms have evolved. Today, the study room furniture set occupies a dedicated space within the architecture of the living room or bedroom. Furlenco’s approach to study room furniture is all about matching the comfort of home to the structure of an office space.

Every study room desk has been designed to cater to different kinds of work and the implements they need. With ample surface space as well as storage facilities, these tables fit into your home seamlessly. Built with high-quality wood and metal, these tables will stand the test of time at affordable prices. 

With work from home and study from home having become the norm of the day, study room furniture has become an essential to a home. Since you will be spending a lot of time learning, reading, writing and working with this furniture, investing in them has to be planned with the long-term in mind. Every piece of furniture in Furlenco’s study room range is designed to offer ergonomic seating comfort to users. 

However, selecting the right study room set for your home can be confusing, as it serves a specialised purpose, and users range from children to young professionals and artists to management honchos. 

Here are some of the basic things to consider while buying study room furniture: 

  • Where will it be placed?
  • As in the case of any other home furniture, the study table will have a designated space. The first step is to identify this space and understand how big a study room desk it can accomodate. Identifying the space also involves ensuring it has accessible electric points for recharging the laptop etc. Furlenco’s entire range of study room sets are compact and can fit into any space easily.

  • How many people will be using it?
  • Today, with the remote working culture having taken over, there are many people who work from home on a regular basis. And this means, there may be more than one user for a study room desk within a household. Instead of investing in multiple tables, you can invest in multi-purpose study tables that are large and can accommodate 2-4 users at a time.

  • Who will be using it?
  • Study tables are used by different members of the household for different purposes. While the young professionals may use it to work from home, the elders may use it for light reading. The young ones and adolescents use it for their homework and daily studies. It is important to align the design of the study room furniture set with the users in the house. Adjustable chairs and tables, along with table lamp options can make the table suitable to many.

  • What is the nature of work?
  • The nature of your work dictates the nature of your study table or workstation. The nature of work here implies the desk surface area required to place your gadgets and stationery. Remote working has made it possible to work with a mobile phone. But in some job functions, you will need a desktop, printers, speakers, camera and several other electronics. The whole point of a study room set is that it must accommodate all of this comfortably with provision for electric connections.

  • Does it have a designated place?
  • If you have a designated study room, a full-sized study room set is a great option. But that may not alway be the case, especially in modern homes. The great thing about work from home is that you can work from anywhere in the house. And to enable this, you need furniture that can be moved around the house easily. Furlenco has designed some unique study room furniture with special features that caters to this specific need.

    Study room furniture sets must brim with energy and positivity. It is, afterall, the place designed to bringing your passion to meet action. Therefore, selecting study room furniture is as serious business as your work itself. 

    Furlenco’s study room furniture sets are designed to cater to your every need in terms of space, storage, agility as well as comfort. Here we have enlisted some designs that are all about making your home office as suave and svelte as any corporate office.

    • Lana Workstation -  The Lana workstation is a wooden study room desk with open floating shelves. The compact and sleek design makes it a good fit for your study area within the bedroom or living room. Ample space for writing and a laptop make it a high utility design. The intense brown natural wood finish further gives it a rich look.
    • Vitello Study Table - The Vitello study table is the perfect fit for those in the technology workforce. The large surface space can easily accommodate two screens, and is suitable for engineers and managers in the corporate space as well as designers and editors in the creative industry.
    • Nauka Study Table - The Nauka Study table takes inspiration from the artisanal wooden desks from time long gone. Tweaking the design to meet today’s functional requirements, this study room furniture set , when completed with an office chair is the ideal fit for a small study room in apartments. The open design of the surface space also makes it suitable for multiple users in the house, and for desktops with large-sized monitors.
    • Pico Dining Cum Study Table - The Pico table also offers an open surface design and is suitable for home offices of small startups. It can be used as a workstation where small teams can sit and work with their laptops. The versatile design can turn it into s dining table post work hours, where the team can unwind with tea or a pizza!
    • Bedside Study Table - A bedside table is for those who live with their work. It gives you the luxury to keep your work beside you at all times while being able to disconnect and relax when you need to. As a compact solid wood multipurpose study room set, it is a great children’s study room desk option.
    • Folding Utility / Laptop Table - Pulling an all-nighter for the important presentation? The utility table makes it less strenuous on you, by giving you the support of a table in the comfort of your bed. This is a must-have study room desk at home for those sudden work calls and projects.
    • Cruxe Study Chair - A chair is not just a chair when it comes to a study room set. Long hours in front of a computer or laptop, non-movement can bear heavily on your health. Investing in a good office chair will lift that weight from you and make it comfortable to focus. The Cruxe status / office chair is a universal design that will fit into your home with ease.

    Investing in a study room furniture set is an investment in your dreams and aspirations, be it in an adolescent’s academic journey or a professional’s career journey. To be able to fulfil them with your true calibre and commitment, you need furniture that helps you concentrate with comfort. Furlenco’s study room desks and study room sets are equipped to handle your children’s high-pressure exam days as well as your stressful work days with ease.