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    How Furniture Storage Can Define Every Room in Your House

    Storage furniture is an essential category of furniture that can make your home look like the definition of precision. Whether you are a compulsive organiser or a general hoarder, you need good storage furniture to design a pristine home. The good thing about that is how well-designed storage furniture has the ability to blend into the design of your home interiors. 

    Furlenco’s extensive range of storage furniture tackles all your storage woes from daily items in every room to your perennial storage requirements for valuables and memorabilia. And does so with style, ensuring that every storage cabinet sits well with the other furniture in the house. Storage furniture, in general, can be classified into daily storage furniture like wardrobes, shoe racks, and chests of drawers which are easily accessible. On the other hand, we have long-term storage furniture like attic storage, under-the-bed storage and trunks which are more for seasonal or heritage items of the household.

    Storage cabinets are also useful in the living room. They are usually designed as multipurpose furniture in the form of entertainment units and shelves. These types of storage furniture is used to organise the multitude of electronics, newspapers, magazines and even decor and display items in the living room. We believe storage furniture has the ability to add the oomph factor to your spaces. Hence, we design them with utmost care for aesthetics and space. In doing so, Furlenco also ensures that the storage furniture price is budget-friendly.

    Here are some of the basic things to consider while buying storage furniture.

    • What is the main purpose of your storage furniture

    Yes, the main purpose of storage furniture is to store your goods. But this is not a 'one size fits all’ sort of solution. Storage furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Every feature caters to a specific requirement. Drawers are for smaller lighter items. Cupboards are needed for a multitude of daily-use items. A locked trunk is the picture-perfect storage solution for valuables and family heirlooms. So, it is important to gauge the needs of the household in terms of who will be using it, and for what. This will help you pick the right storage cabinets and cupboards.

    • In which room in the house will it be placed?

    Essentially, every room in the house needs storage solutions. Having a couple of dedicated storage cabinets, shelves, wardrobes or drawers in every room, including the kitchen, bedroom and living room will help you organise your home in a systematic manner. However, every room has its layout and aesthetic. While some storage furniture can be used in any room, some fixed and stylised furniture are made to fit a particular room. So, assess the storage needs of the house, based on the room that has excess items. This will also help you identify the right aesthetic for storage cabinet patterns in your home.

    • What will be stored inside?

    Now, this is a very important aspect of storage. You need to match your storage furniture to the storage items for the sake of keeping it safe over long periods of time. This is also necessary to ensure ease of accessibility to items that are used regularly. For example, daily clothing needs ease to access wardrobes and shelves. Further, these wardrobes must have enough suitable compartments to accommodate different kinds of clothing. You will need long shelves to hang your coats and formals, while your intimates need drawers within the wardrobe. Similarly, you will need larger storage cabinets like under-the-bed storage for seasonal clothing, including sweaters, blankets, coats, etc. As for the living room, you will need a combination of open and closed shelves for books, newspapers, etc. Dining room storage cabinets have specialised compartments to make sure crockery and cutlery can be stored safely without risk of breakage.

    • How much space is available for storage furniture?

    One of the most important things to remember is that storage furniture is meant to help you organise your home. It must not, in turn, crown your spaces. Therefore, before investing in any furniture for the sake of storage, it is crucial that you assess the space available at home. Today, there are many innovative storage solutions in the form of multipurpose furniture, like the humble storage bed. A shoe storage cabinet with a cushion on top makes for a great seating option in the coat room or home entrance area. In urban apartments, smart solutions like these will help you save space and make the home look suave. 

    • What is your budgeted storage furniture price?

    Storage furniture prices can be as budget-friendly or exorbitant as you like. It is very important to have a pre-planned budget while purchasing furniture for storage. With varying qualities of wood and designs, prices can be varying across the board. Furlenco’s storage furniture range is suitable for buyers on a tight budget. We recommend investing in curated pieces of storage furniture that are easy to handle and will last you a substantial period of time.

    Furlenco’s approach to storage furniture price and design keeps in mind the requirements of space, quality and budget with respect to buyers. Every design has been curated with keen attention to aesthetics and the purpose of storage. The right combination of drawers and shelves in the right sizes makes every piece of furniture in this collection a boon for your home. Here are some our favourite storage furniture options for different rooms in your house:

    • Mezzo 2-Door Wardrobe - The Mezzo two-door wardrobe is a classic wooden wardrobe for your bedroom and guest rooms. You can store your daily items as well as your home linen. This simple wardrobe made with engineered wood provides sufficient space to store one person’s clothes and personal items. 
    • Fusil Dressing Table - The Fusil dressing table is a stunning piece of furniture storage with a long mirror and a combination of open and closed shelves to keep your cosmetics and personal care items. The affordable storage furniture price along with the slate grey and teak finish make it a gentle fit in any bedroom. 
    • Fusil Chest of Drawer - The Fusil Chest of Drawer is yet another fabulous fit for your bedrooms, guest rooms and entertainment rooms. With four drawers and an open shelf, this cottage-style design finished with slate grey and teak can hold a world of items, helping you maintain your home in a tidy manner.
    • Fusil entertainment Unit - The Fusil entertainment unit is a versatile piece of living room storage furniture. The open-top design makes it suitable to place it under small and large television. Alternatively, it can be used to keep other electronics like speakers and gaming units as well. Further, the closed storage shelves at the bottom will add to the design element of your living room.   
    • Fusil Shoe Rack - Having a dedicated furniture storage shoe rack is a necessity for any home. The Fusil shoe rack is all matching utility and style. With a neat cushion on top, the shoe rack makes it convenient for users to put on their shoes while leaving the house. The two-door storage for shoes and a drawer for socks will help you organise your foyer and keep it spick and span.

    Given their definitive form, storage furniture gives structure to your room and house. And furniture storage is something that stays with you over long periods of time. An investment in them is an investment in the maintenance of your home as well as your personal items.

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