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Create your Unique Ambience with Plush Sofas from Furlenco

Sit and watch the wind blow by, or binge on a movie marathon. Put your feet up and read a classic novel or dive into the tidbits of today’s newspaper with a hot cup of coffee. Now, when you imagine all these moments, the visuals must have one common element! And that is the comfortable sofa that provides you with the flexible space to do anything you want. 

Quite naturally, as the most important part of your living room, your sofa set must be the answer to every mood and every occasion of your life at home. At Furlenco, we are committed to designing furniture that speaks to every hour of the day with flexibility and a style quotient that glams up your spaces.

Furlenco’s selection of sofa sets comprises an option for every kind of consumer. From the upholstery to shape and size, we manufacture sofa sets that can stand the test of time. And our superior design and craftsmanship will make sure your sofa set stands testament to your personal style.

Quick Guide to Buying a Sofa Set for your Living Room

  • Before going shopping for a sofa set, do a quick study of your living room or any other space in which you want to place it. Measure the carpet area of this space to make your sofa set occupies optimum space while accommodating for movement of people and things in the room.
  • Account for the shape and layout of the room. Your sofa must align with the walls of the living room to create an open space in the center for people to look at each other, while seated. 
  • For the sake of convenience, ensure your sofa does not cover any electric points. It would be best to have sofa sets placed in such a way that the electric points are situated right beside them for table lamps, phones, etc.
  • Understand the needs and usage pattern of your home to select the upholstery of your sofa set. If there are children in the house, you may want to stay away from sofa sets with light fabric upholstery that can get stained easily.
  • Similarly, invest in a sofa that provides adequate seating for all the members in the house along with a guest or two. It is always better to be prepared for such scenarios.
  • Spend some time planning the design and overall aesthetic of your living room. Sofa sets being the central character, it has to interact well with other elements like the color of the wall, carpet, curtains, etc. 
  • The key to buying a good sofa set lies in making sure that it does its main job right. It has to be ergonomically designed to offer comfort in every position, especially when it comes to multi-purpose sofas.

How to buy the right sofa set online?

Furlenco offers sofa sets for rooms of every type, shape, color, and mood. While we all want our sofa to sit perfectly in our home, we often need some guidance in selecting the right one. Here, we list different kinds of sofa sets that you can buy online, along with some ideas on how you can choose the right one for your room.

  • 1-seater: 1-seater sofas are usually a part of a sofa set. They are ideal for medium-sized living rooms where people can be seated near each other without getting in each other’s space. We recommend Vive 1-Seater in Azure or in Aqua for homes that have a lot of guests, so you can offer them their private space for seating while allowing them to be part of the living room gathering. 1-seater sofas can also be used in the bedroom and office rooms as a casual seating option.

  • 2-Seater: 2-seaters sofas are the most flexible piece of furniture. They can be paired with 3-seater sofas or another two-seater sofa to create a complete living room. Depending on how they are paired, they can be used in a large and small rooms. We recommend them for young families and new couples to design their living rooms. They are, in fact, best suited for the foyer area.

  • 3-Seater: The classic Grey 3-Seater Sofa or a beautiful Lilac color is best paired with  1-seaters and other living room furniture like a center table, side tables, etc. to complete an elegant living room design. Of course, they are suited for large, bright, and well-ventilated living rooms.

    • L-Shaped Sofa: The modern L-Shaped sofa, like the Lana Sofa Cum Bed has become the most preferred choice among urban dwellers today. They run along two perpendicular walls without taking up too much of the floor space and still offering adequate seating space. The L-shaped sofa is best suited for houses that have living cum dining spaces, as they can be placed along the living room walls marking a distinction.

    • Accent Chair: Accent Chairs are an asset in every way. If you’re looking for a statement piece to elevate the appeal of your living room, accent chairs are the absolute way to go. With eclectic patterns to fabrics, the accent chair is ideally best placed close to a window and at a slight distance from the main seating area to give it a distinct look. Accent chairs make for the best ‘me-time’ space, where you can snuggle and you can sink in your favorite book or tea.

  • Ottoman: An ottoman, like the Flex Ottoman, is almost a necessity simply because it is everything you need in your living room furniture. It can be used for seating arrangements. It can be used as a footrest. It can also be used as a substitute for the centre table or a side table. What makes it a must-have is that its evergreen design makes it a classy addition to the room.

  • Recliner: Now who doesn’t want to put their feet up, while wrapped in an ergonomically designed chair that literally bends over backward to make you feel comfortable? The recliner is for those nights after long days when you feel like stretching and lying down in the living room.  

    • Multi-functional Sofa: Multi-functional sofas like the sofa cum bed or storage sofas are designed for the specific function of saving space. A single piece of furniture which can be used as a bed and sofa is just what you need when you have guests over. On the other hand, sofas with storage can make life easier by helping with clutter without consuming additional space.


    • Diwan: The Indian favorite diwan is a quintessential piece of living room furniture that, perhaps, defines multi-purpose. It can seat three to four people during the day, and turn into a bed at night or for afternoon naps. Just change the sheet and you’re ready to go! The diwan fits well in all kinds of living rooms, especially when they are designed in the Indian aesthetic.

    Finally, additional aspects to keep in mind while buying a sofa online are:


    What is the furniture made of?

    Solid wood, metal, engineered wood- options are plenty! Along with understanding and verifying the quality of the furniture, it is essential to understand the characteristics of each of these materials and invest in furniture that will suit your flooring, weather conditions, and usage patterns. Cane furniture is lightweight and can be moved around easily. The same cannot be said for iron furniture, which is best suited for outdoor and lawn areas. Wooden furniture is the classic choice for indoor living spaces.

    Which fabric has been used in the upholstery?

    There is a range of fabric choices for sofa upholstery. Depending on the size and budget, you can choose from leather to fabric and acrylic to nylon. Another thing to keep in mind is whether the upholstery can be easily removed and washed, or has to be vaccumed. These factors play a significant role in maintaining the longevity of the sofa.

    How do you decide patterns and colours?

    Once you have decided the fabric, you would want to invest some time in selecting the colours and patterns for your sofa upholstery. It is important to balance the color scheme of a room by maintaining a color palette. If you’re going with patterns, make sure not to overcrowd the space with multiple patterns that can be conflicting. Neutral shades of beige and grey with small bursts of bright patterned cushions or accent chairs make for a simple, yet niche look. 

    A sofa is a reflection of your style and lifestyle. When buying in a sofa, always remember it's supposed to be the most versatile furniture in your home. The type and shape of your sofa transform your home. So take your time and make a wise decision to suit your home requirments.