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Buy Mattress Online
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    Furbicle - Mattresses

    Why do you need a good mattress?

    A good night's sleep will help you have a better memory, greater focus, reduced stress, improved blood pressure, enhanced performance, better relationships, and happier days, as well as reduce weight, delay ageing, and live longer. Having said this, there are a lot of factors that control the quality of your slumbers. Your activity level, stress level, the bed you sleep on, and last but not the least, the mattress! 

    Since sleep is highly comparable to meditation in terms of the benefits it provides. Along the same lines, a mattress can be considered a meditation mat, however, it will have a tenfold impact on your session!

    With a good mattress:

    • Your body should be fully supported, while resting horizontal, with no pressure points pressing against your pressure-sensitive parts—hip, shoulder, ankle, and even ribs.
    • Your spine should be in good alignment with the rest of your body, and your body weight should be evenly distributed throughout your frame and sleeping surface.

    To ensure that you are well supported, the optimum mattress is usually moderate recall foam, latex, or coil spring.

    At the same time, based on personal parameters such as weight, sleeping style and posture, and so on, the optimal mattress should provide adequate cushion and fluff to make you feel comfy and cosy.

    Now that you know how important a good mattress is, you should definitely plan to look for a good bed mattress online and go for an online mattress shopping session!

    Some basic factors to consider before buying a mattress online

    Finding the proper level of softness or firmness is the most critical component in choosing the right mattress for you. It is stated that featherbeds and pads may make a firm bed softer, but they cannot make a soft bed firmer. Always go one level firmer if you're in question.

    Another factor to consider when you buy a bed mattress online is the mattress size, which is determined by the type of bed you have at home as well as your height. You can choose from single bed mattresses, double bed mattresses, king size mattresses, and queen size mattresses. Besides:

    • The total number of individuals who will be sleeping in the same bed.
    • Any special health concerns, such as back discomfort or spinal abnormalities, must be taken into consideration while selecting a mattress.
    • The amount of money you have set up for your mattress.
    • The size of the bed and the room's size. Before deciding on mattress size, measure the length and width of the room.

    Buying the best mattress at Furbicle 

    Not everyone is looking to buy mattress online. If you still get your hands on a bed mattress online and it does not turn out to be the best mattress. Are you aware of all the issues that a terrible one might cause? Similarly, the best mattress may provide you with the most comfort! Furbicle is the most convenient and beloved destination to buy mattress online. It is your one-stop destination that provides online mattress shopping services and helps you at every step to purchase mattress online.

    If you buy a mattress online at Furbicle, your days of peaceful slumber are very near. 

    Benefits of buying affordable remanufactured mattress online at Furbicle:

    1. Helps with back and joint pains: A mattress that provides adequate support and comfort for your body guarantees that your spine is properly aligned and that pressure points are not irritated. To give you an example, this will help prevent the popping sound in your neck the next morning.
    2. No tossing and turning out of discomfort: Aside from comfort, another aspect of bedding that has an impact on your health is how tranquil you sleep and how long you sleep. The best remanufactured mattress in India, effectively anchors you in place, reducing "movement waves" that can be uncomfortable and bothersome for both you and your spouse (if you have one).

    Online Mattress Shopping for Different kinds of Mattresses at Furbicle 

    With us, at Furbicle, you can buy a bed mattress by material as well as mattresses by size. You can get a comfort mattress, a foldable mattress, a queen size mattress, a king size mattress, a PU foam mattress, a double bed mattress, as well as a single bed mattress. All these sizes can be made as per your preference of material. They can be made from coir, PU foam, or latex. You can also get your mattress customised with your choice of mattress fabric. Other than that, you can also make your purchases based on the bed mattress price. A lot of people are also largely guided by the bed mattress price and it is only understandable because you have to manage your budget as well. But with us, you can leave the worries aside because our bed mattress cost is the least you can find online. At Furbicle, you can find a mattress under 10000 as well as a mattress under 5000. Told you already, that we have a very menial bed mattress cost!

    If you are looking to buy mattress online, it can get a little confusing because each kind of bed mattress has its own benefits. Amongst the following, you can find your exact kind of remanufactured mattress online.

    You do not need to go anywhere, you can just order mattress online.

    Furbicle Coir Mattress

    Coir mattresses have been in use for over 150 years and are used by millions of people all over the world. For a long time, coir mattresses have demonstrated their capacity to provide clients with comfort and high-end durability. Other than that, coir mattresses have always been very popular in India. A Furbicle coir mattress offers:

    • Environment friendly: Coir mattresses are made entirely of natural fibres, which are typically obtained from coconuts. These are completely eco-friendly and do not pose a risk to the environment. Because they are meticulously derived from natural fibres, coir mattresses do not contain any dangerous chemicals. It is really beneficial to your skin and overall wellbeing. Unlike many synthetic fabrics, which contain a variety of dangerous chemicals, coir mattresses can provide you with a peaceful night's sleep.
    • Highly ventilated: Because the cloth is comprised of coconut coir, the air circulation is considerably smoother and easier. As a result, the hygroscopic character of this mattress increases. It aids in the absorption of sweat and moisture in the air by the mattress. This air simply percolates through the material, keeping the mattress dry at all times.
    • Anti-allergens: Another amazing characteristic of a coir mattress is that it is hypoallergenic. Coconut has a natural resistance to dirt and dust forming on its surface. The antibacterial characteristics help consumers prevent being allergic to a variety of allergens.

    Furbicle Foam Mattress

    Viscoelastic foam mattress and temper foam mattress are two more names for a memory foam mattress. This sort of foam mattress offers the sink-in feel that you might associate with a Tempur-Pedic mattress, the first-ever memory-foam mattress. Here are some of the grounds why a Furbicle foam mattress might be the correct type for you, ranging from health advantages to creating an optimal sleeping environment.

    • Memory foam was developed by NASA utilising a viscoelastic polymer that is both soft and absorbent of energy.
    • The foam was intended to be used as impact protection, but it turned out to be extremely comfortable and has since been employed in a variety of practical applications.
    • By generating more cushion than, say, a pure innerspring mattress, the material curves and helps ease pressure areas.
    • Furthermore, many solid foam choices are significantly less expensive than hybrid mattresses, which incorporate the finest features of both innerspring and foam.

    Other than this, you can order for a comfort mattress made out of PU foam material as well. You can also avail of a remanufactured hybrid mattress at Furbicle.

    Furbicle Spring Mattress

    Spring mattresses, often known as innerspring mattresses, are mattresses that have an underlying support layer made up of dozens to hundreds of metal springs. We have added additional plush layers to provide more comfort. Some people believe that spring beds are more accommodating than foam mattresses, at least at first. At Furbicle, we remanufacture tonnes of spring mattresses amongst which you can pick yours from.

    A Furbicle spring mattress offers:

    • Low cost: Before purchasing a mattress, it is critical to evaluate the price. Since a number of people have shifted to spring mattresses, the average price of such a mattress has fallen in the market. Especially at Furbicle, a remanufactured spring mattress will lower the price even more. As a result, if you're on a tight budget, this mattress type might be the one for you. 
    • Familiarity: Our spring mattresses have been around for quite some time. They are well-known. As a result, any new technology offered in spring mattresses is more likely to be accepted by the general public because the mattress type is already well-known.
    • Good ventilation: Because our spring mattresses have a lot of space among them, they allow for a lot of airflows. This reduces the development of body heat and improves sleep quality.
    • Highly durable: Our spring mattress has a long lifespan. It has been created to provide the same level of comfort for years on end.

    Furbicle Foldable Mattress

    Polyurethane and memory foam are the two most common forms of foam used in our foldable mattresses. Some mattresses also have memory foam toppers and polyurethane support layers, while others are entirely comprised of polyfoam. They consist of three sections that bend the mattress in half. They are, in some ways, a comfort product that can be readily moved and stored in homes as a backup or additional mattress for visitors. You can get a nattily remanufactured foldable mattress at a very affordable price at Furbicle.

    Furbicle Latex Mattress

    Because of their durability and comfort, our latex mattresses are one of the most popular mattress types. Latex adapts to the shape of your body better than memory foam and bounces back swiftly. With a Furbicle latex mattress you get:

    • Maximum comfort
    • Coolness
    • Flame retardant properties
    • Motion isolation
    • Low maintenance
    • Durability
    • No chemical odours
    • Safe to sleep on

    Generally, Latex mattresses are a bit high priced in comparison to other kinds of mattresses. However, at Furbicle, you can get a latex mattress at very menial prices because we firmly believe in remanufacturing!

    With all the options laid out in front of you, now you must have realised how easy it is to purchase mattress online at Furbicle! It is just THE destination to buy remanufactured mattress online.


    If you actually buy a remanufactured mattress online in India, it may cost you much lesser! Because online stores don't have a physical location, online mattress providers like Furbicle, are often less expensive. These businesses can save money on operational costs by not having a physical location, which they subsequently pass on to their clients.
    If you are looking for a bed mattress for a single person, you should simply go for a single bed mattress. You can get it customised in the material you find the best. After having read about the above-mentioned kinds of mattresses at Furbicle, you can make your call based on the purpose of your purchase. Finally, you can avail of a remanufactured single bed mattress in your chosen material- coir/foam/spring etc.
    If you have a budget of Rs10000, you can easily get the Mattress Spring Premium Queen. Furbicle offers a vast range of mattresses below 10000. So you will actually have a lot of options to choose from.
    Generally, a king size mattress is about 76 inches by 80 inches.
    While a king is about 76 inches in length, a queen size mattress is about 60 inches in length and 80 inches in breadth, just like a king mattress.
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