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Living Room



Define your Living Room with the finesse and Ease of Furlenco

It is the face of the house! Every inch of the living room tells a tale of the house and its people. The living room lives and breathes their emotions and their style. Designing a living room is one of the most enjoyable homemaking experiences if you ask us. 

Furlenco’s wide range of living room furniture online recognizes the vibe of urban India’s contemporary homes that require bright, strong, and affordable sofas, chairs, and tables. The colors and upholstery have been carefully designed to reflect the evolving preferences of young India. 

From planning a layout amidst an array of best living room furniture and carefully curated display items to enhance the space with flattering linen and lighting, the entire process of putting this enchanting room together can be absolutely fulfilling. Oftentimes the central character of a home design, the living room sets the tone in terms of colors, patterns, and aesthetics for the rest of the house. 

It is a dynamic space that can be designed and redesigned to suit changing moods and trends. Therefore it is essential for the living room furniture to be versatile. By versatile we mean, the basic design, fabrics, and colors of the upholstery and the number of individual pieces of furniture must be easy to manage as well as visually appealing.

Here are some of the basic things to consider while designing a living room:

  • Basic features of the living room: The four walls, flooring, and ceiling, which make the living room are the most important aspects to consider and analyze. First, what is the carpet area of the living room? Next, the walls - are the surfaces painted or wallpaper? Are the colors dark, light, patterned, or textured? Do the walls have large or small windows? How much natural light does the room get? Finally, the flooring - is it stone, granite, or tiles? How high is the ceiling? These factors play a vital role in helping you decide the size and color among Furlenco’s range of best living room furniture to suit your home.
  • People at home and their usage patterns: Before investing in living room furniture online, understand the preferences and usage patterns in the house. The living room must have enough seating space to comfortably accommodate all the members of the household. A combination of living room furniture sets, accent chairs, recliners, and other modern living room furniture is not only a matter of utility but also contributes to the aesthetics of the room. 
  • Electronics in the living room: The living room is usually the hub of all entertainment activity at home. This means it is bound to be filled with electronics and gadgets. From your television to your sound system, the entertainment unit in the living room must integrate these electronics onto the home seamlessly. 
  • Furnishings and Lighting: In order to bring out the elegance of the living room furniture, the furnishings and lighting need to do justice. Spend some time curating just the right curtains, pillows, and carpets, and you will have a living room that has a visual flow. This can further be beautified by the position of the light, the shade of light, and lamp shades.

A living room serves many purposes. It is the place for you to spend quality time with other members of the house. It is also the main place where you greet and host guests. More often than not, it is the entertainment room. And sometimes, it can also flow into your dining and work areas. For first-time users, buying your living room furniture online can be a confusing experience. Furlenco will simplify that experience with end-to-end support and assurance and a product guarantee that will make your life easy.

Furlenco curates designs and manufactures modern living room furniture that is highly functional furniture and of superior quality to ensure a warm and happy space in your home. Some of our unique and favorite picks for your home are:

  • Vive 3-Seater Sofa - The Vive 3-seater sofa in the aqua shade is the hallmark of modern living room furniture and urban home. The fabric upholstered sofa set is available in a variety of shades, each more glorious than the previous one. Aqua is one of our favorites for its distinct and rather unconventional shade that can brighten up your spaces. The light color and compact design make it suitable for small spaces as well.
  • Flex 3-seater sofa Leatherette - This sofa is luxurious. As a part of your designer living room furniture, this Flex 3-seater leatherette sofa in tan brown, with its classic design and color offers a plush experience. This living room furniture set will elevate your home with comfort and elegance at an affordable price.
  • Vive 1-Seater Sofa - A 1-seater sofa is a great addition to your living room. Not only is it about additional seating space, but also about the luxury of privacy, especially after a long day, or when you want to indulge in your alone time at home. 
  • Lana Sofa cum Bed - Sofa come beds have become a necessity when it comes to  modern living room furniture. The Lana sofa cum bed in Azure is as glamorous as it is subtle. The L-shaped living room furniture set with its patterned back cushions is the perfect fit for your living room in many scenarios. With ample seating space you can host guests for a party or movie night comfortably. And the pull out bed can easily accommodate surprise overnight guests.
  • Pico Center Table - A center table is one of the most important living room furniture pieces. The classic rubber wood table in the natural brown shade blends with any kind of furniture and fits well in all sizes of living rooms. It can be part of your designer living room furniture by simply adding the right decor elements in the mix, for eg., a delicate vase, scented candles, an ornate bowl, etc.
  • Fusil Entertainment Unit - The Fusil entertainment unit is the best living room furniture you can find. The clean design offers sufficient space for storage required in the entertainment section of the room for wires, gadgets and other electronics. The combination of open and closed shelves makes it easy to keep your cable box or gaming units accessible, while concealing the other things. The natural brown is a neutral colour that complements any other living room furniture.

We believe that living room furniture is all about making your life easy and comfortable. With this in mind, we cover the experience end-to-end, from curating and manufacturing high-quality living room furniture sets to fulfilling the order at your home with utmost precision. Each design has been curated in such a way that it can stand on its own as well as complement other furniture in your house.

We understand that selecting furniture for your house is an extremely personal and exciting experience. With the assurance of supreme quality and elegant designs, Furlenco offers a selection of the best living room furniture. 

We further invest in making the purchase of living room furniture online an enjoyable experience through or seamless ride digitally and physically. Your home is an extension of you. As a trusted partner, we help you bring your vision to life in the most convenient and affordable manner.