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Entertainment Unit



Transform your home with the right Entertainment Unit

Coming back home after a long day, entertainment is one of the things we look forward to! Put your feet up, and let the new series on Netflix take you to a different world. Binge on reruns of our favorite sitcom and let the stress of the day melt away! Close your eyes and drift away to where your mellow playlist takes you. How do you make this your reality? High-quality electronics and furniture for your entertainment room or living room is not only an investment in entertainment but an investment in your personal recreation and leisure. 

Furlenco’s approach to entertainment at home takes an effortless route to curate furniture designs that can take the mundane in your daily life to make it an experiential paradise. Every element from the sound system to the television unit and the recliner in the entertainment setup plays a role in elevating your experience. Simple steps in planning the furniture and electronics suitably can go a long way in creating an enjoyable entertainment room in your house.

Buying an entertainment unit can be a rather exciting experience. However, it can be equally intimidating. The electronics market offers brands and specifications aplenty. But ultimately, it is the furniture that brings their experience to life. The layout and design of the room are significant factors in ensuring optimum viewing distance from the television unit, as well as sound experience in all the different corners of the room. 

Quick Guide to Buying an Entertainment Unit Online: 

  • Which room is it for? Entertainment units can be built to cater to any room in the house. While most people prefer to have their TV unit furniture in the living room, there is a growing demand for entertainment rooms that accommodate not only the television but also home theatre and surround sound systems. So plan your furniture in such a way that it suits the floor layout and the seating furniture in the room. While your living room can have elaborate TV wall units, the bedroom can do with lighter furniture.
  • What is the mix of electronics? In the case of home theatres and entertainment rooms, your furniture must be planned in a way that accommodates other gadgets, including gaming systems that require space to keep the console and remote controls. Sound systems are an integral part of entertainment rooms. So you will need to have dedicated spaces to keep or mount your speakers. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the enormity of wiring that becomes a part of the room by virtue of these gadgets. Well-designed entertainment units can help camouflage or hide these wires from plain sight. 
  • Where will the TV unit be placed? Conventionally, all the furniture in the room is placed in such a way that it points towards the TV unit. So depending on the shape of the room and the lighting, you must identify the best vantage point for viewing. Modern TV units are designed to suit placement along the wall or away from the wall. However, there is no ‘one size fits all rule here. Further, the color and pattern of the wall behind the unit also affect the overall experience. With smaller rooms, neutral colors would be the way to go to ensure an undistracted watching experience. 
  • What is the seating arrangement like?  The TV unit for the living room must be complemented by the seating arrangement in the room. Some basic rules include - it must include a mix of single-seaters and two-three-seaters. In case of space constraint, diwans and multi-purpose sofa cum beds can make a big difference. A recliner is a great option from the point of luxury and comfort. It is also a good idea to have some light and movable seating options for the days that you decide to host people for a movie night or such. 
  • How is the lighting distribution? The lighting here implies both, natural and electric lighting. Never place the wall TV unit opposite a large window or door, as the reflection of light during the daytime will spoil your viewing experience. In such circumstances, explore modern TV units that can be moved with ease, or allow for the TV to be tilted on either side.

  • How to Buy the Perfect Entertainment Unit Online? 

    The entertainment unit can be the focal point of your living room or even the entire house. Assess the size of your television, and the additional space you need in your entertainment unit for other electronic devices and storage requirements, along with your budget. With Furlenco, you can buy the design that ticks all the boxes and helps you liven up your weekends binge-watching sessions, as much as your daily dose of unwinding hours. Here we list down some exclusive modern TV unit designs that will help you pick the right one for your home:

  • TV Stand: The Fusil Entertainment Unit is a simple yet suave piece of furniture. It is spacious and versatile and can be used as a TV unit for a living room. Apart from placing the television on the stand, the storage is suitable for a magazine, newspaper or bookshelf. It offers ample space to keep your cable and gaming consoles. The neutral colors further make it a great fit for any room.

  • Wall Unit: A wall unit is a larger piece of furniture that serves a wide range of purposes from being an entertainment unit to a showcase, and in some cases even a storage unit. The best part of the TV wall unit is that it usually works well in all kinds of living rooms. Despite its large size, it suits small rooms as well, as it creates a distinct area for entertainment and recreation.

  • Wall-mounted Entertainment Unit: Wall-mounted TV units are perfect for smaller rooms. They contribute to saving space. And since the viewing distance in a small room would be limited, you can plan a floor layout that does not obstruct movement in the room. Modern TV units that have wall mounting options are great for experimenting with interiors, in terms of color palettes, and material (laminate. Acrylic, etc.). And since the wall is your canvas, you can further experiment with abstract shapes and designs.

  • Speakers Stand: A stand for your speakers is more than just decor. It ensures the safety of your speaker. They are usually carefully built with materials and designs that ensure no echo, and perfect transmission of sound. So if you’re a musician or simply somebody who enjoys music, a speaker stand is that piece of home furniture that you didn’t know you needed, but just made your life better!

  • Recliners: Yes, this is not about the entertainment unit in particular, but we feel any entertainment unit is incomplete without a recliner. If you have the space to accommodate it, then the purchase decision should be a no-brainer. The Fluent Motorised Recliner is a budget-friendly and stylish TV unit for the living room. The Twin Abode is yet another option that will look great in entertainment rooms.

  • Further, some futuristic planning can help you bring home an entertainment unit that will make your life easier. Additional factors to consider while purchasing your TV unit furniture are:

    How often do you change your TV and other entertainment gadgets?

    If you are a gadget freak, who invests in the latest technology and devices on a regular basis, we would recommend you invest in an entertainment unit that can accommodate different sizes of televisions and consoles. Depending on your budget and how long you intend to keep the furniture, before your revamp, invest in TV unit furniture that can hold multiple gadgets that need wiring facilities.

    The TV unit furniture in your house can become the most important furniture in your house if you want it to be. For movie buffs, binge-watchers of television, movie night hosts, music enthusiasts, and karaoke addicts, our only suggestion is, to invest in furniture that will let you enjoy your hobby in the best possible way!