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Dressing Table



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    Fusil Dressing Table

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    OverviewThe Fusil Dressing Table optimises space without any compromise on utility. The stunning piece is complete with a mirror and a compact draw...

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Dress up Your Home with the Dressing Table of your Dreams

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Reciting that may be an ode to your childhood and fairy tale days, but that mirror is etched in our memory for one more reason! The glorious design and the placement of that mirror floored us. Now, that’s what a dressing table can do! It is the spot dedicated to your mental and physical well-being. A place where you draw your persona before you leave the house. 

Furlenco believes that this is one of the most significant spaces and pieces of furniture in your house. The time you spend at your dressing table is your personal time dedicated to self-care. Our dressing tables are designed to make this time as pleasurable as possible.

Selecting the right dressing table online can be a confusing task as there are many elements that add to the utility and aesthetic value of this piece of furniture. From the mirror to the drawers, every feature needs to be skillfully planned to accommodate all your personal care items. Additionally, it has to fit seamlessly in your room to allow for easy movement of people, especially during the rush hours of the morning.

Quick Guide to Buying a Dressing Table Online:

    • How big is it? The dressing table must complement the size of the room and the other furniture in the room. Modern dressing tables come in all sizes and shapes and fit well in urban homes. While ensuring that the furniture holds all your personal care items, you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t encroach on vital free space on your floor.  We would reserve large designer dressing tables for spacious living rooms or coat rooms. Dressing tables for personal bedrooms must be compact.
  • What is it built with?:  Yes, wooden dressing tables are the safest and most functional option. They look grand and are built to be sturdy. In homes that have dedicated space for dressing tables, hardwood is a great option. Laminate, acrylic, and other such options work wonderfully for people who shift homes frequently, as they look stylish and are easy to handle.
  • Where will it be placed?: The placement of the furniture makes a big difference to your home. In the case of a dressing table, you can choose the right furniture based on the lighting and ventilation -  as visibility and enough space to dress up are core requirements. Will it be a bedroom dressing table? Or a coat room or living room dressing table? Will it be placed on the floor, or installed on the wall? These factors play a role in making the space user-friendly in terms of access, as well as planning floor space in the house. 
  • Mirror size:  A mirror is integral to a dressing table. The size and shape of the mirror are therefore crucial in terms of the utility the furniture offers on a daily basis. Mirrored dressing table designs are highly functional when they have storage attached. This could be in the form of a chest of drawers, a camouflaged shelf with mirrored doors, or an attached open shelf. Full-length mirrors are of great utility on special occasions as you can see your entire look.
      • Seat Option: Whether you use it on a daily basis or not, a seat is very important to complete the dressing table. Particularly so, for women, who have to manage multiple accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc., while dressing up. Having a seat, either a chair or a bench that can be pushed under the table, adds immense value to the dressing table, especially in the case of a bedroom dressing table. 
  • Drawers and Shelves: A dressing table with storage is not only about practicality, but also about curating dedicated spaces in the house. With a dressing table that can store all your cosmetics, accessories, and personal care items, you end up saving time while dressing up and also keeping your home more organized. Designer dressing tables with shelves in abstract shapes can also add to your home design.
  • Colour of the frame: The color of the frame is purely a home decor decision. Classic wooden dressing tables in natural shades of brown are elegant and suit all kinds of wall colors and patterns. Modern dressing tables can be personalized with colored and patterned laminates to match the walls and linen in the room. White is a contemporary, refreshing and versatile option. Metallic mirror frames are great to mark opulence.

  • How to Buy the Perfect Dressing Table Online?

    There are many types of dressing tables that can enhance your home. Identifying your style is essential in the process of identifying the right furniture. Furlenco’s range of dressing tables has been curated with flexibility and convenience as the main focus. The sleek build and storage options make it a sensible and adaptable furniture option. Here we list the different kinds of dressing tables that can adorn your home:

    • Mirrored Dressing Table: The Fusil Dressing Table is our most popular dressing table for a reason. With a long mirror and storage for essential items, this table is best suited for your bedroom. It occupies minimal space while giving you the luxury of a large mirror. This affordable mirrored dressing table like this can be used in multiple rooms in a house, so each person gets their privacy and space to dress up in their own room.

  • Dressing Table with Storage: The Fusil Lifestyle Range offers a large storage unit that can be installed separately, giving you unlimited options for how you would like to design your dressing space. The storage unit is large enough to contain personal care items for a small family, making it a comprehensive dressing and storage solution for your home.

  • Victorian Dressing Table: The Victorian dressing table is the quintessential example of any designer dressing table. With its traditional carvings of various themes inspired by nature, the luxuriant table must be built in rather a grand size. Hence it is best suited for the living room, where it also becomes a part of the decor. The chest of drawers and large table space give this table its unique touch.

  • Modern Dressing Table: A modern dressing table is defined by abstract shapes, lightweight materials, and additional features like light bulbs, modern drawers, etc. While there is no specificity in terms of shape or size, the modern table is built to suit modern-day demands, where it needs to occupy minimum space and offer multi-purpose utility. Apart from serving as a bedroom dressing table and storage unit, it can be used as a piece of decor to keep jewelry boxes, succulents, lampshades, etc. 

  • We believe that an investment in a dressing table is about personal choice. There are several decisions to be made. Some of the additional points, which are fundamental for your consideration are:

    What is your budget?

    A dressing table can be as expensive as you want it to be. So it is very important to plan and allocate a budget before setting out on a purchasing spree. Designer dressing tables are on the extravagant side of the spectrum but make a statement. Furlenco’s curation offers high-quality, affordable dressing tables which will add to the charm of your spaces. 

    What is the core material?

    The core material defines the final look and appeal of your dressing table. Invest some time in designing it in accordance with the rest of the furniture in the room to give the room a classy finish. You can choose from a variety of hardwood, metal, engineered wood, and laminate to create the look you desire. 

    A dressing table is one piece of furniture that gets as close to your heart as it can get. Purchasing it has to be as therapeutic as spending time with it on a daily basis. So think wisely!