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Dining Tables

Dining Tables
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    Eat Well, Feel Good 

    Bring Home the luxury of Furlenco Dining Table 

    A gathering around a dining table makes for a picture-perfect home! This classic image bursts with memories and emotions, so you want to make sure that when the time and gathering are right, the interiors and the setting do justice! We believe that getting the dining table right is the first step in creating this ambience.Every home needs a dining table that brings its people together and offers a warm space for dining and mingling.

    So what is it about a dining table that makes it an essential home furniture item? Apart from the fact that it ensures a comfortable and healthy setting for one to consume their meal, it also adds to the functionality and design elements of the house. 

    Furlenco’s dining tables are designed to cater, not only to the home furniture checklist, but to evoke a sense of familiarity/ sense of home. Every piece is crafted to fit perfectly in today’s home and apartment layouts.

    Quick Guide to Buying a Dining Table for your Home 

    • Main Purpose of the Dining Table: Define your requirements with respect to your dining room and dining table before investing. Are you somebody who cooks a lot and has a long spread on a regular basis? Do you have guests over frequently? How many people will use the dining table at a time? These things will narrow your options in terms of size, material and the utility aspect, which will help you budget your purchase better.

    • Fitting the Table in the Room: The shape of your dining room will define the shape of your dining table. From round to rectangle and square to oval, dining tables come in every shape and size, and each one has its own appeal. When deciding the shape for your dining table, make sure its length aligns with the longest walls in the room, and its edges offer a hassle-free eating experience. While the classic option remains round, we would recommend rectangle and oval for bigger (longer) rooms. That way you can ensure enough space between diners, so that they can eat at ease. 

    • Habits and Utility: Understand the eating habits and cuisines that are prepared and eaten in the household. This will help ascertain the right material for your dining table. While there are plenty of options to choose from, including wood, metal, marble, glass and fibre -  each one has its own qualities that need to be considered. This is particularly useful in the case of spilling, staining, and the crockery and cutlery that will be used.

    • Daily Usage and Maintenance: Maintenance is one of the most important things to keep in mind while investing in furniture. Especially with dining tables, they are susceptible to more wear and tear due to contact with food items and liquids. In order to maintain cleanliness in the house, and the dining table itself, they receive a good wipe down with cleaning agents multiple times a day. Hence, it is essential to match your usage habits with the maintenance the table requires. 

    • Dining Room Aesthetics: The dining table aesthetic can instantly prop up the mood and interiors of a home. When the table aligns itself with the wall colours and the decor elements in the house, it elevates the overall theme and appearance of the house. This further  makes it easier to decorate for parties and occasions, wherein you can pick items that can be used flexibly in every room of the house.

    • Diners at the Table:  Ensure your table caters to every member in the household. This especially applies to homes with seniors and children. It would be a good idea to invest in dining chairs that have support handles making it easier for seniors to sit and get up. In case of a house with children, you may want to get some high chairs that allow your child to be a part of the table come meal time. Additionally, we recommend going against glass or marble top dining tables, and choose wooden tables in both cases. They are fairly easy to maintain as opposed to glass or marble, which are susceptible to damage by breakage or staining.

    How to buy the right dining table online?

    Furlenco offers dining tables for all reasons and seasons. This dominant piece of furniture is meant for joyous bustling amongst near and dear ones. They are also for a moment of solitude and solace after a long day. We believe a dining table must be a space for one to recharge as well as relax. Constructed with high-quality materials, engineered to stand the test of time, Furlenco’s dining table range does just that. Designed for contemporary use, our dining tables are all about making the house come alive. If you’re confused about which table to select for your home, here’s a quick list of options for you to make an informed decision:

    • Wooden Dining Table: A classic wooden dining table works in every setting. They are easy to clean, classy to look at and will last you a long time. Wooden tables look good in all shapes. But if you’re looking at something purely for dining purposes, we would recommend a Pico Four Seater Dining Table or the Pico Six Seater Dining Table with Bench), depending on your personal preference. It is compact and still comfortably accommodates six diners. You can make this table party ready with a simple flower setting.

    • Glass/ Marble Top Dining Table: For a look that stands apart, the glass top and marble top dining tables are excellent options. Glass top Dining Tables are fairly easy to maintain, as long as you have the right crockery to protect it from extreme heat. Marble on the other hand is high on maintenance, but its elegant appearance is unmatched.

    • Hybrid Dining Table: Hybrid dining tables that are constructed with a combination of metal and wood, offer high utility and affordability. They are easier to maintain, lighter and more easy to handle. We will forever swoon over our Mili Dining Table in Fusion Berry. The fabric upholstered seating option makes it super comfortable for dining as well as working/studying. The size is just perfect for an urban apartment space. 

    • Coffee Table: If you enjoy multi-purpose furniture or are looking for space-saving furniture options for your home, a large coffee table with seating options may just be what you want. The Takino 4-Seater Coffee Table Set is a sight for the eyes. With a  low seating style, this table is best suited for people who enjoy indulging in clean eating and other simple eating habits that can be put together in a compact space. 

    • Dining cum Study Table: New age homes are all about multipurpose furniture options. And a dining table cum study table is as good as it gets. Placed in a space that has sufficient lighting and ventilation, this table is a great investment for young professionals and people who are on the move. Try the Mili Dining cum Study Table for your work from home days, and you’ll never go back.

    Some additional aspect to keep in mind while buying a dining table:

    How long do you intend to use the dining table?

    Good quality dining tables can last generations. But sometimes, you may be looking for options in the short-term when you’re moving cities or planning to revamp your house at regular intervals in time. We would recommend that you allocate your dining table budget based on how long you intend to use it, and work backwards to gain maximum usage from it. 

    What is your budget?

    Invest in a dining table, based on your budget. Marble and exclusive wooden tables can be expensive. And an investment in them is purely a function of design and decor. You can get good quality dining tables even on a budget. When you’re buying dining tables only, affordable options at Furlenco are your answer.

    Some Personal Advice? 

    Before buying a dining table, just remember, this is the place where you will begin your mornings having breakfast, and wind up the day with dinner. It has to be the one piece of furniture that energises you and brings you peace. The dining room must reflect warmth and, so be sure to sift through every option and select the dining table that will make your day, everyday! Happy shopping. 

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