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Chest of Drawer



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    Fusil Chest of Drawer

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    OverviewThe Fusil Chest of Drawers is a modern take on the classic chest of drawers. Apart from the storage space, the open shelve and surface can ...

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Style Your Storage Solutions with an Eclectic Range of Chest of Drawers

What is it about a chest of drawers that instantly adds oomph to the room? Is it that it is a stark reminder of regal furniture or is it the ornate top that makes a deliate yet sweeping appearance? Whichever it is, this piece of furniture is the ultimate boon for storage as much as it is for design. A chest of drawers can be fit into any room in the house, without taking away from the mood of the room. The simplistic design allows plenty of room for variations and modifications, making it a versatile piece of furniture. 

Furlenco takes a modern approach to designing Chest of Drawers. Every design maximizes storage in minimum space with sturdy construction. Multiple smooth and deep drawers and an elegant top to finish the piece of furniture make it a must-have across the house, in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. The clean design can store everything from clothes, jewelry, and linen to jars of condiments and large spoons, among other things.

To buy a chest of drawers may be a straightforward decision. It is mainly about increasing storage space in your house. But which one to buy? Now, that’s a question that needs a bit of deliberation. Exploring different types of chest of drawers and matching it with what will be stored inside is imminent to bring home the perfect piece of furniture. Here we take you through how sifting through choices can help you make a more informed decision.

Quick Guide to Buying a Chest of Drawers Online:

  • Where will it be placed? First and foremost, define your requirement with the room and space that needs additional storage. This will help with making further decisions regarding the material and the size of the chest of drawers. A wooden chest of drawers is a classic option that works in almost every space in the house. 
  • Floor Space: Another important factor to consider, as in the case of any piece of furniture, is the floor space it will consume. Depending on which room it will go into, measure the space that it will consume to ensure it doesn’t obstruct movement. This way, you can also avoid getting a chest of drawers that is too big or too small for the room. 
  • What will you store inside? Now, this has to be analyzed beforehand. Before buying a chest of drawers, it is important to draw a broad plan of what will be stored inside it. If bought as an additional storage furniture, that means you already have a list of extra items in the house. Assessing these items -  clothing, linen, crockery - and what kind of space they need will help you pick up the right one for your home.   
  • Number of drawers: A chest of drawers is mainly about its multiple drawers. The number of drawers can be based on the different items you want to store. You can have dedicated storage for each item with small and big drawers. For eg., if you’re storing clothes, you can have one for pants, one for shirts, and one for towels. Next, depending on how you fold them and how many pieces are there, you can decide the number and shape of the drawers. For eg shirts will need smaller drawers compared to pants that need longer ones.
  • What can you do with the top? The top part of the chest of drawers is the most fun! It can be used for decor to keep ornamental items and vases. It can be used to keep a mirror to use the furniture as a dressing table. It can also be used as a bookshelf. What you do with the top is entirely up to you. It is this part that adds the ultimate elegant touch to the room and the furniture itself.

  • How to Buy the Perfect Chest of Drawers Online

    Furlenco’s chest of drawers selection is an exquisite range of affordable designs built to suit the contemporary home. Here’s a look into the different types of chest of drawers to help you select one for your home:

  • Wooden Chest of Drawers: A wooden chest of drawers is the simplest and most sensible decision for your home. This type of furniture has stood the test of time and continues to hold the promise of timelessness. With its earthy colors and natural patterns, the Fusil Chest of Drawers works as a universal storage solution that can be used to store anything from daily clothing to crockery.

    • Antique Chest of Drawers: An antique wooden chest of drawers is a great design element for your home. Their specialty lies in their unique knobs and clean build. It can be of tremendous value to your living room, coat room, or dining room. When paired with an elegant Victorian-style mirror on top, this piece of furniture can be used as a dressing table. 

    • Patterned Drawers: Another interesting element that can liven up your chest of drawers and your interiors is patterned drawers. From marbles and tiles to carved wood, these wooden chests of drawers with patterned drawers can be the focal point of your home. They are best suited for outdoor areas like verandas and large balconies, where they can be used to store miscellaneous items. 

    • Open Shelf Chest of Drawers: A chest of drawers with an open shelf on top is a distinct design that offers additional storage space. This is suitable for your living room as an entertainment unit. The open shelf can be used to keep the speakers, a gaming console, or a cable box. It can also be used as a bookcase. A wooden chest of drawers with a glass open shelf on top is a fabulous design for urban homes.

    Buying a chest of drawers is as much a decision for the home, as it is for your personal convenience. A few more things to keep in mind while buying a chest of drawers: 

    What is the main purpose it will serve?

    As discussed, a chest of drawers can be of immense aesthetic value in your home. So it can get easy to get carried away. It is very important to weigh your requirements, available space in the house, and the items that need to be stored. 

    The drawers can be deep or shallow. You may not need deep-bottomed drawers for clothing but will need them to store kitchen jars. Similarly, you can use shallow-bottomed drawers to store stationery like paints and brushes. Assessing your items will also give you an understanding of how many drawers and the size of drawers you need. This approach will help you pick the right chest of drawers for your home.