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Sit down, put your feet up and unwind on comfortable chairs

Chairs! Sounds like the most basic piece of furniture any home would need. It’s purely functional. But does it need to be just that? We think not… it can be flamboyant! It can be ultimate leisure taking a physical form. It can also be a creativity and productivity enhancer. A chair can, sometimes, be the game-changer of your home and life needs. 

Buying a chair can also be a game-changer because it is important to invest in one that makes you feel comfortable. With modern-day gadgets have taken over, the health and fitness of people are taking a severe hit. Aligning the back and supporting the neck posture is almost a basic requirement today.

Furlenco’s curation of chairs includes specific designs for different purposes and rooms. A hand-picked selection of living room chairs, accent chairs, lounge chairs for the living room, dining chairs, office chairs, and recliners, make the collection a repository for every need. Each design is crafted ergonomically and skilfully with suitable upholstery to fulfill its purpose. 

Buying a chair for the house is, first and foremost, a matter of matching purpose with comfort. Although today, we have a specific chair for a specific purpose, as a piece of furniture, a chair is generally multi-functional! Therefore, there are various other factors to consider like material, design, size, color, etc. A good mix-and-match of different chairs can, sometimes, be just the uniqueness your space needs

Quick Guide to Buying Chairs Online:

  • What is it made of? Like any other piece of furniture, the chair too can be designed and built with different materials including cane, wood, metal, and plastic. While the choice boils down to personal taste, there are several other factors to consider like budget and environment. Outdoors are better off with wrought iron and plastic chairs as they have the ability to sustain weather changes without getting affected. Wooden chairs for the living room are the undebatable classic choice for indoors. Light-weight cane chairs can be moved and used around the house for different purposes.
  • What kind of upholstery does it have? As a matter of design and comfort, there are many upholstery options. The first step here would be choosing the material from a selection of velvet, leather, polyester, cotton-blend, and microfiber. Each has its own distinct appeal. However, your choice must reflect the usage patterns of your home. Velvet offers a plush look. It is high on maintenance as it gathers dust. Leather is also a classy option and is best suited for weather conditions with low temperatures. Microfiber and Cotton-blend are good all-around options, and they are available in colors, patterns, and prints to suit everyone’s palate.
  • Where will you place it? Your requirement will define the type of chair you need. While some types of chairs like dining chairs and office chairs belong in predetermined places, some options like accent chairs and lounge chairs can be used anywhere in the house. The lounge chair for your living room can easily be incorporated into your bedroom or balcony. So if you invest in a chair that suits all these places in terms of size, material, and design, you can revamp your home interiors, frequently, with the same chair and minimum effort.
  • Type of Chair: There are many types of chairs that can add value to your home. The best way to decide is to associate it with its utility. The best example of this is office chairs. They are built with special features like wheels and an adjustable back. Lounge chairs for the living room chairs are specifically meant for comfort. Wooden chairs with elegant upholstery make for comfortable living room chairs. They also make the room appear more hospitable and bright. 

  • How to Buy the Perfect Chair Online:

    Furlenco chairs are designed to cater to every need, mood, and space. With a vast selection of ergonomically engineered chairs finished with high-quality upholstery, every chair is sure to blend seamlessly in your home. To help you pick the right one, here’s a list of different types of chairs and some information about how they can improve your home:

  • Living Room Chairs: Ideally a single-seater sofa makes for a comfortable living room chair. The Vive single Seater in Aqua is a fabulous option. The subtle blue color gives it a charming appeal. The Vive Single Seater in Cinnamon, however, would be a more versatile option, as the neutral color would blend well in different settings. If you want to take the traditional or antique design route, wooden chairs for your living room are a timeless option.

  • Lounge Chairs: Recliners define comfort at its best, and are the best lounge chairs for a living room. If you are investing in a recliner for the first time, Furlenco’s Lounger is a great starting point. The bonded leather upholstery not only gives it a clean finish but a luxury seating experience. The sober color ensures it does not take away from your living room. The Fabric Lounger in Brick, on the other hand, is a gorgeous design for a suave living room or entertainment room.  

  • Dining Chairs: Dining Chairs are usually designed with cushions and vivid upholstery to add to the warm energy of the dining room. The chairs and bench from the Pico Four Seater Dining Table are minimalistically designed. The height and sleek build of the chairs make them a suitable option for small dining rooms as well.

  • Office Chairs: Office chairs are an investment in your wellbeing and success. They are designed with the specific purpose of giving your back comfort and support for long hours. The Flexo Office/Study Chair is adjustable for height and a must-have for every home that has people working from home. The Cruxe Office Chair with wheels is another lightweight option that is suitable for home offices.

  • Accent Chairs: Accent chairs can instantly uplift the luxury quotient of your home. With its refined fabric cover, it acts as a comfortable chair for the living room as well as for the bedroom. When buying an accent chair, you can go all out in terms of vivid colors and prints as they are meant to stand out! Although they are slightly large, they hold a place of their own and add a sense of distinct panache to your interiors. The best thing about accent chairs is that there are no rules, and can be placed in the living room, bedroom, lounge area, or any other suitable open area.  

  • Multi-purpose Chairs: Every modern home needs some multi-purpose chairs, especially when guests come over. Wooden chairs for the living room usually serve as multi-purpose chairs. The chairs from the Dualo Four Seat Dining cum Study Table are upholstered with plain fabric making it a comfortable chair for a living room. The Clare Dining Chair can be used both indoors and outdoors for dining and as a lounge chair. Foldable chairs made of metal are also a good option for a rainy day. They are easy to store as backup, occupy less space, and can be used in any part of the house, including verandas and balconies.

  • Some more tips that can be handy while buying a chair: 

    Mix and Match it Right

    Since you are going to be spending a whole lot of time seated on different chairs in the house, try and get a good mix and match of tall, short, indoor, outdoor, wooden, and fabric chairs that can comfortably accommodate you, your family and your guests in the house. 

    Eventually, a chair is that one piece of furniture that goes in every room. You can never have too many or too few. But you can have a favorite one for every reason. One to read your book, one to have your meal, one to watch the television, one to just daydream! 

    Furlenco ensures that when you buy a chair online, you have a piece of furniture that will bring comfort to every room in your house.