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A Bed for Every Dream: Crafted by Furlenco 

What is a bedroom if not the place to forget the world and just relax? The sweet retreat and abode of all things dear, the bedroom is possibly the room which is most enlivened with our personality. Considering it the place where we recharge, rejuvenate, and dream all our dreams, it has to be designed with much care and precision. 

At Furlenco, we take pride in making furniture that brings warmth and comfort to your room with its quality and design. When buying beds and other bedroom furniture online, every aspect of the bedroom matters. From the shape and size of the room to the windows and flooring, every element interacts with the other. So designing the bedroom as a whole is important to make it functional as well as aesthetically appealing. 

Quick Guide to Designing and Buying Furniture for your Bedroom 

  •  Spend some time identifying and listing what the bedroom needs. As much as a bedroom is meant for sleeping, it also hosts a wardrobe, a dressing table, and a bathroom. Hence the design is also dependent on functionality, which needs to be kept in mind. 
  • Create a private nook in the bedroom, which serves as a space for mental relief and unwinding. This space can be a wall or a corner with all your favorite things - books, candles, and photographs, among other things. 
  • Account for space to be taken up by wardrobes. As all your personal things from clothes to valuables belong with you in your room, the wardrobe has to be situated in a safe and user-friendly space. 
  • Leave enough floor space to walk freely within the room. This is especially important when you’re dressing up for events or you have house guests to share the room with. Do not overcrowd the room with furniture or decorative items. 
  • Pay attention to lighting arrangements. Ensure the switchboard for all electrical fittings is accessible from the bed in case of emergencies. And make sure you have lighting options in bright and minimal settings. 
  • In case you intend to have your bedroom double up as your study room or office area, make sure to create a distinct section for the two, so as to give yourself relief from work when you’re getting into bed. A room screen or divider and plants can help you do the job. 
  • Furnishings, including curtains, carpets, sheets, and rugs are the attire that dresses up your bedroom. Spend time carefully selecting them and ensuring the patterns and colors endear you. 
  • And finally, the hero of the bedroom, the bed, has to define the entire room. Make no compromise as it is where you sleep. Depending on the size of the room and your requirements, you can choose a shape and size that fits in the overall design, or choose to design the room around the bed. 

How to buy the right bed online? 

Furlenco has a wide variety to offer when it comes to beds. Although you may have an idea about what you need and what your bedroom needs, we would like to delve a little deeper and take you into the finer details and features of different kinds of beds, and how they would suit your bedroom.

  • Single Bed: A single bed is best suited for small bedrooms with single occupants. You can also choose to use multiple single beds for two-three young adults, who share a bedroom. In the case of sharing, it not only gives each person their privacy and convenience but also makes it better for the overall layout of the room. 
  • Queen Size Bed: A queen-sized is undoubtedly the most convenient size for any bedroom. It provides ample space to spoil oneself, in the case of single occupants. And as for couples, who share a bedroom, it doesn’t take up too much space in the room and offers a comfortable sleeping experience. Queen beds fit perfectly in an average Indian bedroom, without compromising on the other elements in the room, like a table, chair, etc. 
  • King Size Bed: The king-sized bed is a luxury and sometimes a necessity. If you are tall and need more space to sleep comfortably, a king-size bed is the best option. In fact, we would even recommend it for young parents, who share their beds with 

their infants and toddlers. A peaceful night’s sleep is essential, and with young children around, the king-sized bed just makes it possible. 

  • Storage Bed: The storage-style bed is one of the best things to happen to home storage solutions. Covered by a heavy mattress and used every day, bed storage can be used to keep anything from non-seasonal clothes and linen to valuables. Some storage beds have easy-to-use draws, in which case, they can be used to store daily essentials as well. 
  • Multifunctional Bed: A multifunctional bed is one that can be converted from a sofa into a bed or a single bed into a double bed with ease. They are built to occupy minimum space while providing maximum utility. There are several lightweight options, which make it even easier to move the bed to different rooms in the house. For homes that have a lot of house guests, we would say this is an essential piece of furniture. 
  • Kids Bed: A kid’s bed is as much about giving your child the comfort of its own bed as much as it is about safety. High railings and easy extension options to any other bed make it convenient for parents to sleep next to their children without worrying about them falling off. 
  • Bunk Beds: Now what’s more fun than bunk beds? Buying a high-quality bunk bed is an investment in years of fun and memories, especially when it is for siblings, who share a room. Again, a space-saving furniture solution as it may be, it is best suited for adolescents. 

Additional aspects to keep in mind while buying a bed online are: 

What is the bed made of? 

Some of the most popular bed construction materials are solid wood and wrought iron. These are the options that will last generations without fear of damage. You should consider them if you do not intend to move them. But if you are looking at a flexible home design with

multi-purpose furniture, go for engineered wood beds that are light and easy to move around. 

Do you have the right mattress? 

The right mattress is more about your mental and physical health than anything else. Today, you have options ranging from hard coir to soft feather and orthopedic beds to memory foam mattresses. 

The simple mantra for buying a bed is comfort, comfort, comfort! Select a bed that will have you sleeping like a baby. At Furlenco, we are committed to bringing comfort to your home with our extensive range that perfectly matches size and design with assured quality.