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Bedroom Storage



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    Mezzo 2-Door Wardrobe

    ₹ 17,999 33% ₹ 11,999

    OverviewThe Mezzo Two-Door wardrobe is the ultimate storage furniture for any room in the house. The robust design and spacious storage help you or...

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    Bianca 2-Door Wardrobe

    ₹ 20,999 33% ₹ 13,999

    OverviewThe Bianca Two-door wardrobe is a pleasant addition to your bedroom and guest room furniture. Complete with a mirror, the wooden wardrobe o...

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    Fusil Chest of Drawer

    ₹ 14,999 20% ₹ 11,999

    OverviewThe Fusil Chest of Drawers is a modern take on the classic chest of drawers. Apart from the storage space, the open shelve and surface can ...

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    Fusil Dressing Table

    ₹ 14,999 20% ₹ 11,999

    OverviewThe Fusil Dressing Table optimises space without any compromise on utility. The stunning piece is complete with a mirror and a compact draw...

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    Fusil Entertainment Unit

    ₹ 14,999 20% ₹ 11,999

    OverviewThe Fusil Entertainment Unit is the perfect combination of open and closed storage for your living room. It is suitable for a tabletop as w...

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Bedroom Storage for Everything from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Are you constantly perplexed and struggling with how to organise your extra clothing, household articles and miscellaneous items? Beyond a doubt, storage furniture is a must-have in every household! Not only is it a matter of cleanliness and convenience, it is an investment in your own peace! And why bedroom storage furniture? Apart from being your haven, the bedroom, which is away from the hubbub of the living room, is useful to store extra items in the house. If planned correctly, bedroom storage can be as creatively designed as any other furniture in the house.

Furlenco’s range of bedroom storage furniture comprises everything from a simple wardrobe for daily usage items to smart storage solutions for keepsake and precious items. From single and double wardrobes to dressing tables and bedside tables, every piece of furniture in this range is designed to find a place in your decor, while helping you with your home clutter.

Bedroom storage takes meticulous planning to ensure it covers all your seasonal and extra items. While the thumb rule is - more is better, one has to be careful so as to not clutter the space with more furniture than required. Hence, we recommend you clear out your schedule and set some time out to plan your storage needs and buy furniture accordingly. The great thing about bedroom storage furniture is that it can serve multiple purposes. 

Quick Guide to Buying Bedroom Storage Furniture Online:

    • Maximise Volume: Bedroom storage must cater to all your extra items in the house. This ranges from clothing and linen to important documents and precious items. Very often, the bedroom is the space for all our miscellaneous and odd-shaped storables, including photo albums, electronics, etc. Therefore, it is important to have multiple pieces of storage furniture dedicated to different categories of items.
    • Maximise Utility: A unique feature of bedroom furniture is that it can serve multiple purposes. Furniture like beds with storage and dressing tables with storage help manage clutter without adding to additional items in the room. Smaller urban homes are better off with such options as they are very convenient.
    • Plan long-term: One of the fundamentals of planning storage is plan long-term. Bedroom storage, being an essential part of utility and decor along with storage, has to be planned in such a way that it accommodates your storage requirement over a long period of time. You will have to account for cupboards and drawers for seasonal clothing storage needs, additional purchases in the household, new members being added to the family, and most importantly, heirloom items.
    • Plan your storage: Storage furniture, for the purpose of usage, can be classified and allocated separately for different types of storables. For eg., you can use bed storage for sweaters and warm wear during summer, and light cottons during winter; you can use attic storage for lighter but space-consuming items like steelware and plastic ware. Daily items need to be stored in the most accessible manner. The less accessible part of the wardrobes, which is, the top shelf and the bottom shelf can be used to store occasional wear. Electronics and books can have a dedicated shelf or case. This way, when you audit your belongings, you are able to pick the right furniture to store them.
  • Blend it with decor: Now this takes some skill and craft, but it is one of the best tips for bedroom storage. With your creativity, you can make your storage furniture look like it's a part of the decor with the use of decorative sheets, candles, photo frames and other such accessories that can be placed on the furniture.
  • Use your walls: The walls of the bedroom are your canvas. You can have wall mounted shelves and cases along the walls of the bedroom. This is particularly useful for the wall behind the headboard of your bed. You can make good use of this wall by making shelves to stack your books. Even your bedside storage can be wall mounted, thereby using less floor space.

  • How to Buy the Perfect Bedroom Storage Furniture Online?

    Furlenco’s storage furniture range covers all the traditional furniture for a home, as well as modern multi-purpose solutions. With their contemporary design and precision construction, they cater to your unique needs and budget. While it is established that bedroom storage furniture is essential for the house, we have to take a keener look into the types of furniture that serves the purpose. Here we take you through some of the options and help you match them with your requirement:

    • Wardrobes: Wardrobes are the most essential storage furniture for any home. Your cupboards mainly cater to your daily clothing requirements. Invest in a wardrobe based on your storage patterns with sufficient space for hangers as well as for stacking folded clothes. 

    • Bed with Storage: Storage beds are a smart way to keep clothes and other material that you may not use frequently. While they are easily accessible, they remain away from our daily use items, making for a convenient storage solution. The Blaze Queen Bed with Storage is a convenient and sensible option for those who want to invest in storage beds. 

    • Side Table: Bedside tables are not only for your bed lamps. With the Hop Bedside Table, you can store small miscellaneous items that you need on a regular basis, in an accessible manner. The sleek and tall design maximises storage volume in a limited space.

    • Diwan with Storage: Diwan with storage can be used either in the bedroom or in the living room. The Nauka Diwan - Nautical is Furlenco’s unique design that blends modern style with the traditional diwan design. This type of storage furniture can be used to store bed sheets, blankets and other home linen. It offers ample space and ease of access, making it an essential storage furniture for any home. 

  • Shoe Rack: A shoe rack need not necessarily be a part of your bedroom storage, but you most definitely can use it in the bedroom to store party wear and other expensive footwear. A shoe rack is a must, if you’re a shoe hoarder and enjoy collecting exquisite footwear. With a combination of closed doors and an open rack the Fusil Shoe Rack offers ample, dedicated space.

    • Dressing Table: An essential to store accessories, the Fusil Dressing Table is a simple design that can fit in any corner of your bedroom. It is suitable for all sizes of bedrooms, and can be used to create a distinct dressing space.

    • Chest of Drawers: A chest of drawers is a versatile piece of storage furniture that can be used in any room, and to store anything. The Fusil Chest of Drawers has both, open and closed storage options. The medium size makes it suitable for children’ storage as well as office needs in addition to the usual bedroom and home storage items. 

    Some additional points to keep in mind:

    Are your storage solutions safe?

    The main thing about storage is that it must protect the things stored inside. Since these items may remain inside and untouched for long periods of time, it is important to consider the materials used to build the furniture. Quality is of primary importance. Further, if you can try and align your storage solutions in such a way that you use breathable surfaces for your expensive silk, satins and linens; and air tight storage for documents and photographs to protect them from humidity, it will serve you a long way.

    Once again, storage furniture has to be planned with utmost care to ensure it fulfils its purpose of decluttering the house and accommodates all the extra items. So spend some time and pick out those pieces of furniture that will stay with you over time and provide ample space for your storage needs.