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Furlenco Bedroom Furniture: When a Cosy Bedroom is All You Need! 

What is it about a bedroom that makes everything seem so calm and vibrant at the same time? Is it the fact that it is one of the most personal and intimate spaces in the house? Or just that it offers respite from everything the world can throw at you?

Whichever way the answer goes, Furlenco believes that bedrooms are all but boring! And bedroom furniture is all about bringing its hidden charm and energy to the fore. Bedroom furniture must reverberate with your energy and help create a comforting space for you! Bedroom furniture sets usually include beds, side tables, wardrobes, and additional storage if necessary. 

When planning to buy bedroom furniture online, one of the first things to consider is the bed itself. It is the central character in your bedroom decor play and defines the tone and room for other furniture in the bedroom. The wardrobes and cupboards are another equally important aspect. As they tend to be space-consuming furniture, it is best to plan your storage items beforehand to avoid storage mishaps.

As in the case of all other furniture, quality takes precedence with bedroom furniture as well. The fact that you will be spending the most important part of your day, sleeping and rejuvenating, in and amidst this furniture, makes it a tad more special. Therefore, a tad more carefully selected.

Here are some of the basic things to consider while designing a bedroom:

  • How big is the bedroom?
  • Now the size of the bedroom is naturally a significant determining factor in the bedroom furniture sets that will host. Here size implies a variety of things including floor area, number of walls, size of the walls, windows, and even the natural lighting in the room. These factors play a role in the utility, design, and convenience of movement in the bedroom. You can go the designer bedroom furniture route to customize designs that complement your room.

  • How many people will use the bedroom?
  • The number of beds and types of beds that you need for your home depends on the number of people that will be using the bedroom. You may need multiple single beds in the case of shared accommodations, where you stay with roommates. A family will need a double bed and some additional single beds in the children’s room and guest room. A multi-purpose sofa cum bed is also a good decision for homes that do not have a dedicated guest room. A children’s bed is a must for home with toddlers. You can either place it in the parents’ bedroom or the child’s room.

  • What kind of bed do you need?
  • The simplest answer to this question lies in the number of people that occupy the house/room. While a single bed is always an option for single occupants, a queen-size double bed is a fantastic option for single and double occupation bedrooms. Single beds are a great option for shared bedrooms. Designer bedroom furniture in the form of a king-size bed is the luxury you need when you want to pamper yourself. However, the decision would also be based on the floor space available in the room. A good rule is to ensure there’s sufficient space to walk around the sides of the bed once it has been placed.  

  • What are the bedside tables for?
  • Bedside tables are for everything from your alarm clock to your favorite book. A succulent that you thrive on and a lampshade that lights up your book reader hour. Therefore, it is important to think of what you need your bedroom furniture for. This will help you get the right size of side tables for your bedroom. An elegantly designed bedside table with storage is all the wooden bedroom furniture you need to ramp up the decor of your room. 

  • How much storage does the room require?
  • It is very easy for the bedroom to turn into a garage when you dump it with excessive storage furniture. In the same manner, it is easy for the bedroom to look disorganized and messy in the lack of adequate storage furniture. Once you plan and sort your clothing, linen, and all other Storables, you can plan how much space you need in the form of modern bedroom furniture including cupboards, chests, shelves, etc. This is an essential step to complete the bedroom.  

  • What will the storage be used for?
  • Storage furniture is something that has to be aligned with the storage items, as they will be kept inside for a long time. And that poses a risk of damage. Bedroom furniture sets must be purchased in accordance with the specific needs of the house. As fabric needs air even when in storage, cupboards and chest of drawers are the best options for linen, blankets, and daily clothing as well as expensive garments. Trunks, attics, and bed storage, on the other hand, are best suited for small and medium-sized valuables and memorable items. Wooden bedroom furniture usually covers all bases.

    Furlenco’s range of modern bedroom furniture sets is curated for new-age families and homes. With assured quality and affordability, they bring the promise of optimum space consumption, The innovative multi-purpose designs make it a must-have in every home today. We have picked out and listed some of the interesting options below:

    • Single Wooden Bed - A single wooden bed is a good option for shared accommodation in apartments and homes. You can buy a pair in the case of a shared bedroom. The compact size makes it suitable for children’s bedrooms as well as guest rooms. A diwan, which can also be used as seating space is one of our favorite single bed designs.
    • Single Metal Beds - A bedroom furniture set comprising two metal frame single beds is an affordable option for bachelors and those who shift homes frequently. New age metal beds are available in trendy colors making them the perfect piece of furniture to make your bedroom Instagram-worthy. At an affordable price, they offer a grand appeal. 
    • Blaze Hydraulic Storage Queen - The Blaze hydraulic storage queen-size bed is one of our favorites for all the right reasons. It looks delicate and chic. Further, it offers the much-needed utility of storage without the unnecessary bulk. This piece of modern bedroom furniture will easily fit into a small to midsize double bedroom.
    • Heiko King Bed - The Heiko king Bed is our take on designer bedroom furniture. The clean Acacia wood finish along with the uplifting design of the olive fabric headboard give it a niche look. The king-size bed paired with the Hop Bedside Table in walnut is the complete wooden bedroom furniture you need for a luxury bedroom.
    • Papillon Storage Queen Bed - If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bed where you can store all your seasonals in an accessible manner, look no further! This modern bedroom furniture has ample provision for storage at the bottom, with a stylish blue camouflage covering it. Apart from being a huge space saver, this bed with its matching headboard makes a niche statement for your bedroom.
    • Smart Bed - We love smart beds for the simple reason that it is an effortless piece of bedroom furniture that does more than their money’s worth. This innovative piece of furniture comes with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity and the provision to connect an entire entertainment unit. It is a bed, a television screen, and speakers rolled into one piece of designer bedroom furniture. It is the perfect indulgence for young technology enthusiasts.
    • Bianca 2-Door Wardrobe - A wardrobe is a bedroom essential. Even if you are somebody who has a minimalistic approach in life, you need a wardrobe to store your things and maintain the tidiness of your space. The Bianca 2-door wardrobe does just that and is a great addition to your wooden bedroom furniture.
    • Linie Bedside Table - The Linie bedside table takes the cake for the simple reason that it has an elegant finish. The wooden top combined with the metal frame at the bottom is easy to manage and move around as needed. With a concealed storage drawer, it makes for the perfect bedside furniture. 

    The bedroom is not just any other room. It is the place for a moment of solace, and your safe haven for your personal time and thoughts. Bedroom furniture must reflect and enable that energy for you! And Furlenco makes sure that the bedroom furniture set we curate is all about that.